Ways to Make a French Manicure

When taking care of your hands and nails, it is important to do it properly, do have the most polished looks that will make a statement instead of you. Having a French manicure, is the safest way to keep your manicure in style and extra polished. It is a classic way to style your nails, it matches any outfit and any occasion. Here are some simple steps to fallow in order to make the most polished nails ever.

Preparing Your Nails

Start by trimming, shaping and cleansing your nails.

It is important to have a length that won’t bother you while doing your everyday work. Make sure they have a comfortable length, so that you can enjoy their presence.

Also, shape your nails in a way that matches your personality, because French manicure looks good in square and rounded shapes as well. Make sure you file your nails in one direction from the outer sides to the middle, in order to avoid cracked nails.

Avoid hangnails and never cut your cuticles. They are meant to protect your nails from bacteria, so make sure you just pull them back.

Remove all the impurities left by cleansing them with nail polish remover. Than wash your hands and you are ready to apply the nail polish.

Making the French Manicure

First of all, as for any nail design, apply a base coat to avoid nail discoloration. Wait until it dries completely.

You will need to apply white nail polish on the tip of your nails, so make sure your hands are steady enough, or use the protective strips included in the home kit manicures. Your nails should get the white nail polish starting exactly from the line where your fingertip is ending.
When you’re done with the white nail polish, remove the strip before letting the nail polish to dry completely.

Don’t do it in a rush because it will turn out smudged. Provide enough time to get the nail polish dried and apply a clear top coat, or an extra light shaded, translucent shell- pink or peach nail polish.

If you want to stay at this manicure, but make it more edgy or match it to your outfits color, simply change the white one to any other nail polish color you want to. It goes perfectly with any color, including black.

Making a French manicure isn’t as hard as it seems like, just be patient and give yourself enough time to practice and to apply it properly. It is essential to make it polished, perfectly shaped and finished. Keep your nails healthy, at a proper length and enjoy this classic yet modern manicure.