Tips to Make Your Eye Look Sexy

1. Makeup tips for Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed girls should celebrate because they have the most flexible eye color of all time. Brown does not have an opposite color or a complementary color, this means that you can readily use a myriad of colors when it comes to putting on eye shadows.One makeup tip for eyes with brown shade is to first find out what kind of shade your brown eyes have. If you have dark brown eyes, almost close to black, choose darker shades. For those who have medium brown eyes, you can go with any color, but the best pick is green. Lastly, the makeup tip for brown eyes is chosen the brighter colors like gold and yellow.

2. Makeup tips for Hazel Eyes

Women with hazel eyes should know a thing or two about makeup tips for eyes because of its unique shade. There’s no particular best color for hazel eyes that is why the primary tip is to experiment with colors. On most occasions, hazel looks so much like brown and this means you can opt for medium to a dark range of color. When you are feeling a little edgy, you can also put on green and golden flecks for a mood upper! One makeup tip for hazel eyes you should remember though is to avoid blue hues as this can remove the attention from your sweet hazel eyes.

3. Makeup tips for Blue Eyes

If you’ve got blue eyes, girl you just got to flaunt it! Besides the eye shadows and shimmer, get your eyeliner ready too. Since blue is a cool color, warm colors like Terra-Cotta would surely do the trick in making it stand out. Now, if you want to add more emphasis on the blue shade, you should get hues of lavender or purple as it greatly accentuates the color of your blue eyes. Additional makeup tip for eyes with blue color is to use bronze, a light variant during the day and a dark bronze hue during the night.

4. Makeup tips for Green Eyes

Green is such an amazing color and if you have this eye color, you have to know that makeup tips for eyes like these are aimed at being fun and fuzzy with warm colors. Celebrities with green eyes usually use warm bronze hues on the red carpet so you can first try that one out. Next are copper tones and purples to make your green eyes pop more! Another important makeup tip for green eyes is to stay away from dark eyeliners and silver shades since it will not complement your eye color and might spell disaster if you don’t blend it correctly.

Knowing these makeup tips for eyes is sure of a great deal for women who enjoy making themselves dazzle and shine with an abundance of colors on their eyes. May you have hazel eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, or brown eyes; you should learn these makeup tips by heart so you won’t go wrong with flaunting your alluring eye color.