Tips to hide dark circles

Eyes are the windows of good health and well-being of the body. As we age or become stressed, eyes are the first place to show the signs of ageing and tiredness in the form of dark circles. Apart from the medical aids, there are many makeup techniques that can help to hide those ugly dark circles.

Makeup can do what a cosmetologist can do to the face; there are several top secrets to hide those circles under the eyes, to give you a super fresh and radiant look. Dark circles are one of the hardest things to cover. These dark circles are caused due to sleepless nights, long screen times and of course sometimes due to ageing also.

Take a look at the makeup tricks to hide the dark circles:

A correct eye makeup regimen is necessary to hide those dark under-eye area. With the following simple tips you can get a flawless and blemish free under eye area:

1.    Cleanup and moisturize:

Starting the makeup regimen should always be preceded by a cleanup with a good face wash and then followed by application of a moisturiser. Moisturiser prepares your skin for the makeup.

2.    Put on the foundation on the whole face:

Apply the foundation on the whole face prior to your concealer, as it will prevent the concealer from fading away. Blend the foundation into the skin; you can use your fingertips or a brush to apply the foundation. One must be gentle while applying foundation under eye area, as too much harsh and fast strokes may trigger wrinkles in the under eye area.

3.    Apply a primer  to the eyes:

You must then, apply a primer to your eye area. You can skip this step if your foundation is cream based as it will itself act as a primer. Primer does only good to the concealer; it holds the concealer and ensures that it stays for the whole day long.

For using a primer, just take a drop on your finger and dab it into the skin under the eyes.

4.    Apply the mascara and eyeliner first:

After the primer, apply eye makeup on the upper eyelids like eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Applying mascara and eyeliner before concealer makes a sense as in the next step while applying the concealer you can cover up all the flaws and mistakes you did with your mascara or eyeliner. So, always remember to apply your eye makeup and then dab on the concealer.

5.    Select a concealer as per your skin tone:

Choose a cream-based concealer; it helps to hide the wrinkles. Opt for a concealer with yellowish or peach tinted concealer because these tones are best to counteract the bluish and purple under eye veins area. Make sure to test the concealer for matching and choose the one that suits your skin best. So, remember the right shade of concealer is very necessary for you to hide those dark circles under eyes.

6.    Area to apply concealer:

Application of the concealer to the right area is very necessary. It is a cardinal sin to apply concealer in the whole area around eyes. The correct area to apply the concealer is the semicircular region in the interior of the eyes and towards the cheek area. Apply the concealer with your finger tip and then blend it into the skin.

7.    Blend with a brush:

The best way to get a crease free under eye area is to blend the concealer with a brush specifically designed to blend the concealer. It is the best way to hide the dark circles, blend it in the correct way to hide any ghostly appearances. The right amount of blend makes the makeup look natural and prevents the cakey appearance of the eye makeup you applied.

8.    Spread the concealer up to the nose:

Another trick to hide the dark circles under eyes is to spread the concealer all over the eye area and remove all the darkness away from the eye region. This way you can blend the skin tone of under eye area and nose region match with each other.

Use the steps and tricks given above and smartly hide away all those signs of late nights and stress from your face. Dark circles are easily manageable with proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Make small changes in your daily routine and eat a healthy nutritious diet to get a flawless and sparkling skin free from wrinkles and dark circles.