Stunning Gel Manicure Tips

download-20If you learn the art to stick nail tips to your original nails it is evident that you will be able to enhance the look of your original nails like never before. In fact it is considered to be the first vital step in your gel manicure procedure. If you apply this procedure correctly and if it is maintained properly it is evident that these nail tips will last for at least one or two months. Here are a few steps that you should follow in order to stick nail tips to the original ones and make your nails look quite fascinating.

First of all, you have to remove the existing nail polish from natural nails along with a piece of cotton ball. Make sure that this cotton ball is soaked well inside non-acetone remover for nail polish. However if you do not want to apply bright colored polish it is vital that you should remove all possible traces of such polish or glue to the original nails. It is advisable that you should not use high quality acetone remover for nail polish because residue often dissolves nail glue. For valuable suggestions or instructions you can take the help of a proficient salon professional. Ask her if you can use dip powder or other nail products.

The second step is to cut down your original nails to short length. If you keep long nails below nail tips there is every possibility that these long and natural nails will turn yellow after a certain point of time.  You should use block file in order to file over nail surface as much as you can.

Your next step is to use a single drop of high quality nail glue below this type of artificial tip of nail. You should not drop the glue directly on natural nail otherwise it may often drip down. After that, you should place this tip just in the right place toward middle part of your original nails. Make sure that you should adjust this tip. You also have to be careful that the tip should always remain in straight position before you actually apply a mild pressure on it. If it is straight, then you should press your nail tip and you should also hold it for nearly eight to ten seconds.

However if you make any kind of error and if nail tips gets crooked, it is vital that you should remove it with the help of acetone remover. You could also buy multiple nail supply products for this purpose.  However if the nail glue is dropped on the skin you should then remove it with the help of cotton swap without any kind of delay. You have to be careful that you should not allow the nail glue to stick to your skin otherwise you will find it difficult to remove it. Make sure that nail glue does not get inside your eyes. If it gets inside your glue, then you should wash your eyes with clean water.