How to Choose the Best Spray Tanning Solution for Your Salon

As a beauty salon or small spray tan business one of the most asked for treatments these days is spray tanning.  This is a very good treatment to add to your salon’s existing treatment menu.  It provides your clients with a quick solution to their problem, as they can drop in and have the spray tan done in their lunch time or straight after work.  It does involve some preparation before hand but with proper advice by your salon staff, this is easily conveyed to the client.

There are always good and bad examples of spray tanning but with the right knowledge and expertise it really is quite easy to avoid most of the bad examples.  Key to this is ensuring you are using the best spray tanning solution possible within the salon and that your therapists are educated in its use.

Spray tanning works with the dead skin cells and is only a temporary staining.  This is where exfoliation prior to the treatment becomes very important. Exfoliation will get rid of the dead skin cells and leave a smooth “new” skin layer ready to work with the spray tan.  One of the key things to look for when choosing your solution to use is to ensure that the tanning solution is suitable for all skin types.  In brief, you need to make sure you have a Light, Medium and Dark tanning solution.  With some solutions you can combine the various strengths to make an “inbetween” colour.  This is a good choice as it will mean you don’t have to stock all the variations and therefore keep the cost down for your salon.

As a rule of thumb you should look to spray the following skin types as follows:

Type I   – fair skins, burn in the sun naturally use a Light tanning solution

Type II  – can tan slightly in the sun but can also burn use a Light to Medium solution

Type III – tans easily in the sun use a Darker solution

Type IV – is of olive skinned or Hispanic origin, use Darkest solution.

If you follow these guidelines then it is unlikely that you should produce too disastrous a result. Another tanning option to consider which is very popular with some clients is a Rapid Tanning solution.  The time for the colour to develop takes between 2 – 8 hours with a rapid tan product taking only between 2 and 4 hours.  So this really does become a benefit to those clients in a hurry.

Be sure to give your clients after care advice which should include moisturising after they have showered to ensure the skin is kept hydrated and avoid excessive exfoliation.