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Homemade Beauty Treatments for You

All of us feel good when we look our best and we get complements for our beautiful looks. Many of us think that it can be achieved with the help of some highly expensive branded beauty products. However, this is not true and you can get that gorgeous look even at home. There are several homemade beauty treatments which can work wonders on your skin and hair, and that too without spending a fortune.

Beauty Treatment Recipes

When we talk of beauty treatments, they mainly consist of skin and hair care. The simple process of skin care includes cleansing, scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing. On the other hand, hair care involves shampooing and conditioning of the hair. Here we are going to share with you some natural beauty treatments that are easy to follow and will serve your purpose too.

Skin Cleanser
Cleansing the face is one of the most important part of any skin care regime. A simple natural skin cleanser can be prepared with the help of honey, lemon juice, and plain yogurt. Yogurt cleanses up the skin, lemon juice tones it up, and honey moisturizes it. To prepare the cleansing mixture, mix 2 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice, and 4 tablespoons of yogurt. Massage it well into the skin for 3 minutes so that the essential qualities are absorbed well into it, and then wash off with water.

Skin Toner
You need one medium-sized cucumber and 2 teaspoonfuls of honey to prepare a natural skin toner. Peel the cucumber, cut it into random pieces, and make a puree out of it by putting it in a blender. Separate the juice from the puree by straining it through a cheesecloth. Add honey into the juice and put the mixture in a clean bottle, and store it in the refrigerator. You can use it for one week. Before using, shake the bottle well so that the honey and juice is mixed well. Pour it on a cotton pad, rub it over the skin, and let the solution dry on your skin. You should use it after cleansing your skin in the morning and night.

Facial Scrub
Take one overripe strawberry, slice it, and mash it well. Further, 2 teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of grounded almonds should be mixed into the strawberry to prepare a smooth paste. Now, your scrub is ready to use. First of all, dampen your face by splashing some cold water on your face. Apply the scrub gently on your skin and then rub it with the tip of your fingers using small circular motions for about 5 minutes. Do not use it around the eyes, as the skin in that area is very sensitive. Finally, wash off with warm water and dry it up thoroughly. This is suitable for all types of skin. Thus, you will get rid of dull and rough skin.

Facial Mask
For this, you need one large peach with skin, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Firstly, mash the peach, and add the honey and yogurt into it. Mix all of them properly so that you get a thick and even paste. Apply it all over the face and neck in such a way that a thick layer is formed. Wait for 10 – 15 minutes so that the nutrients get absorbed well into the skin. Then wash it off with water. Apply a toner and moisturizer. The highly nutritious substances present in this mask will help to give your skin a soft and supple feel.

For Hair Conditioner
The required ingredients are 2 eggs, one teaspoon each of lemon juice, mayonnaise, and olive oil. Blend all the four components well to make a smooth paste. Mix 3 – 4 tablespoons of shampoo suitable for dry hair into the mixture. Then wet your hair thoroughly and use the mixture to shampoo your hair. Then rinse off the water. You should use it two times in a week. This will act as a natural hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

Natural hair conditioner for oily hair consists of 2 tablespoons each of fresh lime juice and apple cider vinegar, half avocado crushed, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. Mix them well and apply on the hair shaft directly (do not apply on wet hair). Wait for about 20 minutes, then massage your scalp lightly for about 5 minutes, and then wash off with warm water. Thus, you can get rid of the excess oil from your hair, and it will get back its lively look. Always shampoo your oily hair twice a week.

When you pamper yourself with all these treatments regularly, we are sure it will make a lot of difference to your skin and hair. However, these treatments should be accompanied by a healthy diet and drinking of plenty of fluids to make your skin and hair glow from within.

Tips to hide dark circles

Eyes are the windows of good health and well-being of the body. As we age or become stressed, eyes are the first place to show the signs of ageing and tiredness in the form of dark circles. Apart from the medical aids, there are many makeup techniques that can help to hide those ugly dark circles.

Makeup can do what a cosmetologist can do to the face; there are several top secrets to hide those circles under the eyes, to give you a super fresh and radiant look. Dark circles are one of the hardest things to cover. These dark circles are caused due to sleepless nights, long screen times and of course sometimes due to ageing also.

Take a look at the makeup tricks to hide the dark circles:

A correct eye makeup regimen is necessary to hide those dark under-eye area. With the following simple tips you can get a flawless and blemish free under eye area:

1.    Cleanup and moisturize:

Starting the makeup regimen should always be preceded by a cleanup with a good face wash and then followed by application of a moisturiser. Moisturiser prepares your skin for the makeup.

2.    Put on the foundation on the whole face:

Apply the foundation on the whole face prior to your concealer, as it will prevent the concealer from fading away. Blend the foundation into the skin; you can use your fingertips or a brush to apply the foundation. One must be gentle while applying foundation under eye area, as too much harsh and fast strokes may trigger wrinkles in the under eye area.

3.    Apply a primer  to the eyes:

You must then, apply a primer to your eye area. You can skip this step if your foundation is cream based as it will itself act as a primer. Primer does only good to the concealer; it holds the concealer and ensures that it stays for the whole day long.

For using a primer, just take a drop on your finger and dab it into the skin under the eyes.

4.    Apply the mascara and eyeliner first:

After the primer, apply eye makeup on the upper eyelids like eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Applying mascara and eyeliner before concealer makes a sense as in the next step while applying the concealer you can cover up all the flaws and mistakes you did with your mascara or eyeliner. So, always remember to apply your eye makeup and then dab on the concealer.

5.    Select a concealer as per your skin tone:

Choose a cream-based concealer; it helps to hide the wrinkles. Opt for a concealer with yellowish or peach tinted concealer because these tones are best to counteract the bluish and purple under eye veins area. Make sure to test the concealer for matching and choose the one that suits your skin best. So, remember the right shade of concealer is very necessary for you to hide those dark circles under eyes.

6.    Area to apply concealer:

Application of the concealer to the right area is very necessary. It is a cardinal sin to apply concealer in the whole area around eyes. The correct area to apply the concealer is the semicircular region in the interior of the eyes and towards the cheek area. Apply the concealer with your finger tip and then blend it into the skin.

7.    Blend with a brush:

The best way to get a crease free under eye area is to blend the concealer with a brush specifically designed to blend the concealer. It is the best way to hide the dark circles, blend it in the correct way to hide any ghostly appearances. The right amount of blend makes the makeup look natural and prevents the cakey appearance of the eye makeup you applied.

8.    Spread the concealer up to the nose:

Another trick to hide the dark circles under eyes is to spread the concealer all over the eye area and remove all the darkness away from the eye region. This way you can blend the skin tone of under eye area and nose region match with each other.

Use the steps and tricks given above and smartly hide away all those signs of late nights and stress from your face. Dark circles are easily manageable with proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Make small changes in your daily routine and eat a healthy nutritious diet to get a flawless and sparkling skin free from wrinkles and dark circles.

Tips to Make Your Eye Look Sexy

1. Makeup tips for Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed girls should celebrate because they have the most flexible eye color of all time. Brown does not have an opposite color or a complementary color, this means that you can readily use a myriad of colors when it comes to putting on eye shadows.One makeup tip for eyes with brown shade is to first find out what kind of shade your brown eyes have. If you have dark brown eyes, almost close to black, choose darker shades. For those who have medium brown eyes, you can go with any color, but the best pick is green. Lastly, the makeup tip for brown eyes is chosen the brighter colors like gold and yellow.

2. Makeup tips for Hazel Eyes

Women with hazel eyes should know a thing or two about makeup tips for eyes because of its unique shade. There’s no particular best color for hazel eyes that is why the primary tip is to experiment with colors. On most occasions, hazel looks so much like brown and this means you can opt for medium to a dark range of color. When you are feeling a little edgy, you can also put on green and golden flecks for a mood upper! One makeup tip for hazel eyes you should remember though is to avoid blue hues as this can remove the attention from your sweet hazel eyes.

3. Makeup tips for Blue Eyes

If you’ve got blue eyes, girl you just got to flaunt it! Besides the eye shadows and shimmer, get your eyeliner ready too. Since blue is a cool color, warm colors like Terra-Cotta would surely do the trick in making it stand out. Now, if you want to add more emphasis on the blue shade, you should get hues of lavender or purple as it greatly accentuates the color of your blue eyes. Additional makeup tip for eyes with blue color is to use bronze, a light variant during the day and a dark bronze hue during the night.

4. Makeup tips for Green Eyes

Green is such an amazing color and if you have this eye color, you have to know that makeup tips for eyes like these are aimed at being fun and fuzzy with warm colors. Celebrities with green eyes usually use warm bronze hues on the red carpet so you can first try that one out. Next are copper tones and purples to make your green eyes pop more! Another important makeup tip for green eyes is to stay away from dark eyeliners and silver shades since it will not complement your eye color and might spell disaster if you don’t blend it correctly.

Knowing these makeup tips for eyes is sure of a great deal for women who enjoy making themselves dazzle and shine with an abundance of colors on their eyes. May you have hazel eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, or brown eyes; you should learn these makeup tips by heart so you won’t go wrong with flaunting your alluring eye color.

Makeover Tips for Men

It is said that we form a perception about a person within just a few minutes of looking at that person for the first time. I think this notion can be trusted, and does actually make sense. Let me ask you this: haven’t you formed a favorable image of that gorgeous lass at the coffee shop, or an unfavorable image of the hunk sitting across her? Well, yes we do, and we do it by simply observing that person. So, if you’re a guy and if you want to be observed and to get a favorable image imprinted on another person’s mind, then it’s time to get a makeover.

Manly Makeover

Many guys baulk at the term ‘makeover’, thinking it is a feminine thing to do feminine, but it is much less complicated than that. Something as simple as getting a new hairstyle can be the most effective change of all if you want to change your look. You must have observed that if you change your hairstyle, it also changes the way you are perceived by other people. It is one of the most crucial makeovers for guys.

A hair makeover doesn’t only mean simply getting a haircut, but to let your hairstylist give you a new hairstyle that suits you better than your current one. For this, you need to remember two things: One, go to a salon that is just for men. Get testimonials from your friends. Two, trust your hairstylist. Let him/her know what you want and see the magic happen.

The trend of trying out this process on a virtual interface is also increasing. Virtual makeovers gives you the power to see yourself in different and vivid styles, and then choose the one you like the most. Directly getting it done hands-on can be risky, especially if it is your first time or if your hairstylist doesn’t understand exactly what you want. Hence, this is the best method for you to experiment with different looks, before committing to anything permanent.

Some Useful Tips

Once you’ve got a makeover, it is important that you care for it, and let the money you’ve invested in it do some talking. Mentioned below are a few tips:

  • Work out: Along with the superficial makeover, it will also be good to have a great body. Working out doesn’t necessarily mean getting pumped up and lifting heavy weights in the gym. Any exercise, done regularly, will help you become fitter and look better. Sprinting or doing bodyweight exercises is especially effective.
  • Polish your shoes: It is said that a lot can be said about a man by looking at his shoes. Hence, always wear clean sneakers, and if you are wearing leather shoes always polish them.
  • Trim your hair: It’s important for you to trim excess hair to look in shape. Trim hair above your ears, on the nape. Also, if you’ve got bushy eyebrows, get them done, too.
  • Floss: Very important, but criminally ignored. It is not only a good habit for the health of your teeth, but also keeps them clean and shiny. It may help to impress someone with a simple smile of yours.
  • Facial hair: If you’ve got facial hair, indulge in maintaining them properly. Your beard or soul patch must look like you wear it confidently, and must not project an impression that you are too busy to trim it!
  • Basic hygiene: It is important to maintain a basic amount of personal hygiene to feel good about yourself. Cut your nails on time, wash and exfoliate your face to remove dead skin, and apply lip balm to avoid chapped lips. No, putting on lip balm is not girly!

If you’ve got a particular way of dressing or styling yourself, it’s your style, and you should be proud of that. But don’t you think others will like to see a new ‘you’? And I am sure that you yourself will feel great after altering and fine-tuning the way you look. You can always give it a try, at the very least, and revert to your old self if it doesn’t work out. Cheers!

Ways to Apply Eye Shadow Correctly

Makeup has proven to be quite an important to women, and something that is synonymous with being feminine. Although it has been recorded in history, that even men would make use of makeup, for various different reasons. Over time, makeup became a largely female dominated industry, and such is its popularity that it is one of the most profitable ones ever to be created. Makeup though, holds different levels of importance for each woman, for some it is something to be done occasionally, where as for others it is a part of their daily routine. But, whatever the routine and frequency of the use might be, one must know how to apply that makeup properly.

Now, most women do learn to do their base right once they find which products and what routine suits them. But the one place where it is extremely easy to go wrong and also difficult to redo is the eye makeup. Eye makeup if done wrong can be a mess to clean up and in result can damage the base foundation too. Thus, one must be careful of how they do their eye makeup, products to use and what advice to follow. It is never too late to learn of a few quick tips that can help in doing proper eye makeup. So, here are a few points that can guide one towards doing better eye makeup:

1. Quality Products:

Before starting, one must have a few basic eye shadow colours, preferably in neutral shades like white, beige, brown and black. Whether one is a beginner or an expert, these few shades always come in handy and can even be used for touchups. Now, it must be kept in mind that since these shadows will be applied quite close to the eye that they must be of good quality. These days one can easily buy beauty products online, so one should make sure to purchase quality and original products only.

2. Learn the Terms:

There are several terms used for eye makeup like lid, crease, outer V, waterline, inner corner and more, that one should make themselves familiar with. It will help one to understand any beauty tutorials better.

3. Shadow Formula and Primer:

Primer is a must especially during summers as the sweat and heat can wipe away the makeup. Thus, one must apply primer before the eye makeup as it will create longevity of the makeup. Formula of the shadow is another important tip to keep in mind whether one is buying eye shadow online or retail. Skin types can differ in how they hold the shadow, so checking the formula can help one select the best option.

Easy Tips to Look Beautiful Naturally

download-21All of us want to look beautiful, have a glowing skin, and healthy, shiny hair. However, given today’s lifestyle, keeping your naturally beautiful self intact is one big challenge. Why? Because your body is continuously exposed to polluted air, chemicals, harmful radiation, and so on. All these elements harm your skin and hair, making them dull and lifeless. The good news? You can tackle all these problems by following a few natural, beauty tips.

Eat Right: A well-balanced diet is very important in order to make your skin and hair look naturally beautiful. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair. Fruits such as prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and vegetables such as kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, Alfalfa sprouts, broccoli flowers, and beets, are rich in antioxidants and can protect your skin from damage. Also, start with drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday, to flush out toxins from your body.

Sleep Right: Adequate amount of sleep can keep a number of skin problems like wrinkles and dark circles at bay. Every individual requires at least 8 hours of sound sleep daily. If you’re already suffering from dark circles, keep 2-3 pillows under your head; following this technique for a month will show visible results.

Reduce Stress: Mental stress has an adverse effect on our health and often gives rise to various skin and hair problems like eruption of acne and hair loss. Therefore, it is important to keep your mind stress free. Regular exercise can be highly beneficial to combat stress. Along with a daily exercise regime, meditation for even a few minutes can do wonders to your body and mind.

Avoid Chemicals: Every day our body is exposed to several harsh chemicals in the form of smoke and pollutants. Therefore, in order to reduce any further exposure to chemicals, use minimum make-up. Maximum damage to the hair is caused by hair care products like hair dye and bleach. Try not to use them.

Natural Ways to Get Glowing skin

Excessive exposure to the sun often makes the skin dark, dry, and rough. To tackle this, apply a paste of turmeric powder and orange juice on the exposed parts. Let the paste stay on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

Dark spots, blackheads, and acne often tend to give the skin a dull appearance. Take equal quantities of glycerin, lime juice, and rose water; mix them well. Apply this mixture all over the face before going to bed. This will remove all blemishes from the skin and increase its softness.

Cucumber has natural cleansing properties. Instead of using any cleansing product, prepare a natural cleanser for yourself by mixing cucumber juice with milk and using it on your skin. It removes dirt from the skin’s pores and makes it glow instantly.

Exfoliating your skin is important as it helps to get rid of dead skin cells from the surface. This reveals the underlying, soft skin. For this, you need one teaspoon each of walnut powder, honey, and lemon juice. Use this mixture for scrubbing your entire body, washing it off with cold water after 15 minutes.

To treat wrinkles on your face, make a mixture of sandalwood powder, glycerin, and rosewater. Leave this mixture on your face for 10-15 minutes; rinse it off with cold water. When used regularly, you will find noticeable improvement.

While you are getting more beautiful with the help of these tips, remember, your emotional health is just as important.

Stunning Gel Manicure Tips

download-20If you learn the art to stick nail tips to your original nails it is evident that you will be able to enhance the look of your original nails like never before. In fact it is considered to be the first vital step in your gel manicure procedure. If you apply this procedure correctly and if it is maintained properly it is evident that these nail tips will last for at least one or two months. Here are a few steps that you should follow in order to stick nail tips to the original ones and make your nails look quite fascinating.

First of all, you have to remove the existing nail polish from natural nails along with a piece of cotton ball. Make sure that this cotton ball is soaked well inside non-acetone remover for nail polish. However if you do not want to apply bright colored polish it is vital that you should remove all possible traces of such polish or glue to the original nails. It is advisable that you should not use high quality acetone remover for nail polish because residue often dissolves nail glue. For valuable suggestions or instructions you can take the help of a proficient salon professional. Ask her if you can use dip powder or other nail products.

The second step is to cut down your original nails to short length. If you keep long nails below nail tips there is every possibility that these long and natural nails will turn yellow after a certain point of time.  You should use block file in order to file over nail surface as much as you can.

Your next step is to use a single drop of high quality nail glue below this type of artificial tip of nail. You should not drop the glue directly on natural nail otherwise it may often drip down. After that, you should place this tip just in the right place toward middle part of your original nails. Make sure that you should adjust this tip. You also have to be careful that the tip should always remain in straight position before you actually apply a mild pressure on it. If it is straight, then you should press your nail tip and you should also hold it for nearly eight to ten seconds.

However if you make any kind of error and if nail tips gets crooked, it is vital that you should remove it with the help of acetone remover. You could also buy multiple nail supply products for this purpose.  However if the nail glue is dropped on the skin you should then remove it with the help of cotton swap without any kind of delay. You have to be careful that you should not allow the nail glue to stick to your skin otherwise you will find it difficult to remove it. Make sure that nail glue does not get inside your eyes. If it gets inside your glue, then you should wash your eyes with clean water.

Ways to Make a French Manicure

When taking care of your hands and nails, it is important to do it properly, do have the most polished looks that will make a statement instead of you. Having a French manicure, is the safest way to keep your manicure in style and extra polished. It is a classic way to style your nails, it matches any outfit and any occasion. Here are some simple steps to fallow in order to make the most polished nails ever.

Preparing Your Nails

Start by trimming, shaping and cleansing your nails.

It is important to have a length that won’t bother you while doing your everyday work. Make sure they have a comfortable length, so that you can enjoy their presence.

Also, shape your nails in a way that matches your personality, because French manicure looks good in square and rounded shapes as well. Make sure you file your nails in one direction from the outer sides to the middle, in order to avoid cracked nails.

Avoid hangnails and never cut your cuticles. They are meant to protect your nails from bacteria, so make sure you just pull them back.

Remove all the impurities left by cleansing them with nail polish remover. Than wash your hands and you are ready to apply the nail polish.

Making the French Manicure

First of all, as for any nail design, apply a base coat to avoid nail discoloration. Wait until it dries completely.

You will need to apply white nail polish on the tip of your nails, so make sure your hands are steady enough, or use the protective strips included in the home kit manicures. Your nails should get the white nail polish starting exactly from the line where your fingertip is ending.
When you’re done with the white nail polish, remove the strip before letting the nail polish to dry completely.

Don’t do it in a rush because it will turn out smudged. Provide enough time to get the nail polish dried and apply a clear top coat, or an extra light shaded, translucent shell- pink or peach nail polish.

If you want to stay at this manicure, but make it more edgy or match it to your outfits color, simply change the white one to any other nail polish color you want to. It goes perfectly with any color, including black.

Making a French manicure isn’t as hard as it seems like, just be patient and give yourself enough time to practice and to apply it properly. It is essential to make it polished, perfectly shaped and finished. Keep your nails healthy, at a proper length and enjoy this classic yet modern manicure.

Best Beauty Tips Teenagers

In teenage years, the skin begins to behave like it has a mind of its own, and all of a sudden, bad hair days become a frequent occurrence. Faces that were unblemished develop spots overnight, puberty hits, adolescence beckons, and the opposite sex suddenly starts looking a whole lot more attractive than before. Plus, there’s school, tests, dating, and most importantly – fitting in.

The transformation from a child into a teenager is accompanied by so many changes that it can be more than a little bewildering. Moreover, the accompanying modifications in skin and general appearance can disconcert even the most confident young adult. This is the time when your skin is going through a change and the hormones are making themselves known, sometimes in the most alarming ways. Not for nothing is acne known as the ‘curse of teenage years’. Plus as teenagers, you are still growing. Changes in height, structure, and build can take place very fast. Dealing with all these simultaneous changes can be challenging, so here’s some help to improve your appearance. It will be a boost to your self-esteem and help you feel confident like never before. Take a look at these tips to get going.

Some basic steps can ensure that you not only look good, but feel it too, since one is so closely linked with the other. The most important thing is that you should feel confident about yourself and not just the way you look. While peer pressure and the need to fit in can be very real, it’s also the best time to assert yourself and get comfortable with who you are. Hormonal changes can mess with your skin, so if you haven’t fixed on a skin care routine, take the time to sort it out now. Cleanse your face twice a day with a face wash formulated for your skin type and use a moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple. Acne may start showing, so avoid aggravating it by steering clear of junk food and sticking to a healthy diet.

Although the accompanying changes affect both genders, enhancing beauty is perhaps more the need of the hour, especially for girls. Makeup is the new mantra. Even though experimenting is great, it may help to keep it light initially, especially during the day. Don’t be afraid to try out all the colors you want, but remember that in case of makeup, less is always better. The trick is to use as much as you need and to still look like you’re hardly using anything at all. This skill is acquired, so give yourself time. Begin with just a lip gloss and mascara, and maybe some Kohl. These simple staples can take care of a day look. Foundation can take a bit of getting used to, so steer clear of it for a while. A concealer is helpful for covering blemishes, and loose powder can even out your skin tone. Always take a look at yourself under some bright light to avoid looking pasty when you make an appearance.

Never go to bed without removing your make-up. Some easily-available ingredients can work wonders as natural skin care products. Pick honey for dry skin, aloe vera gel for oily skin, and kukui nut oil for acne prone skin. It’s also important to tackle body odor issues. In the interest of basic hygiene, shower daily and use an antiperspirant deodorant to keep yourself smelling great at all times. Rightly done, these natural tips work the best as compared to the most expensive commercial products.

Though at times it may not seem like it, these are some of the best days of your life. There are a lot of firsts around the corner–first loves, first dates, first kisses, the list will go on. These beauty tips can just give you a nudge in the right direction, but you have to discover your own unique style and enjoy yourself while doing it.

Beauty Tips without Makeup

Surely we know how bad makeup is for our skin. It makes one look pretty and attractive, but for a heavy price: an older-looking skin. Have you seen the actresses in real life? On screen, they look like princesses, but off screen without makeup, they look older than they actually are. Obviously, you don’t want to end up like that. However, a little makeup is needed to cover all the skin flaws, to make you look good enough to catch the eye of that boy in your class. So what to do? Big dilemma! Here’s a solution: some simple beauty tips on how you can look good without a trace of makeup.

No Makeup Look
Many women think that makeup makes them look better. In reality, it’s the natural beauty that makes you more attractive. Follow these tips and enjoy the compliments.

Nothing Like Water
Drinking plenty of water every day keeps your skin young and glowing. It flushes out all toxins from your body, thus making your skin healthy and free of blemishes. So, no need for that foundation to hide those marks.

Beauty Sleep Is a Must
Eight hours of proper, well-rested sleep is needed for healthy-looking skin. Lack of proper sleep results in dark circles and puffy eyes. In order to hide these, you opt for makeup. Hence, you can bid adieu to cosmetics if you sleep for 8 hours daily.

Cold Water
Early morning, the first thing that you have to do after brushing your teeth, is splash cold water on your face and eyes. Whether in office or anywhere else, whenever you get time, wash your face with cold water, and you can feel the difference. It will make you feel fresh, and your skin won’t have the dull look, which it usually has, by the end of the day. You will have a wide awake look which makes anyone look good.

Exfoliate Your Skin
Another tip is to exfoliate your skin every week. Wash your face with a good cleanser or face wash, and then, scrub it with a gently exfoliating scrub. This will remove all the dead skin cells, and open the pores, letting the skin breathe.

Makeup or Not, Sunscreen is a Must
Whether you apply makeup or not, sunscreen is something which you should never skip. Whenever you’re going out, no matter how late you are, applying a good herbal sunscreen is a must. Do not expose your skin to the harsh, damaging rays of the sun.

Well-shaped Eyebrows
When people rest their eyes on your makeup-free, good-looking face, do not let them get distracted by uneven eyebrows. Make sure that your eyebrows are perfect, shaped, and without a single stray hair. Similarly, your eyelashes should also be maintained well so that even with no eye makeup, your eyes look great.

A Good Hairstyle
A good, well-shaped hairstyle can do wonders. Go get a good haircut done, something that suits your face, and you will look pretty.

Great-looking Lips
Even if you are not wearing any lipstick, you should not ignore your lips as they are the most important feature of your face. Make sure that you apply some moisturizer on your lips to make them look soft and supple. Apply lip balm to avoid chapping. Maybe, a slight tinge of lip gloss can do wonders.

A Good Skin Care Routine
No matter how tired you are, there is no excuses for not following a daily skin care routine. If you do not take care of your skin, you cannot expect it to look good all the time. So, a proper skin care routine, with moisturizer and other natural creams, is important. Make sure you use a proper herbal product. Get a facial done at least once a week.

Exercise Daily and Eat a Healthy Diet
Daily exercise will not just keep you healthy and strong, but even your skin will have a perfect, healthy glow on it. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. A healthy diet is good for a healthy skin.

No need to spend all that money on those expensive makeup kits. No need to get your skin get damaged due to the harsh chemicals used in makeup. Naturally, you can have the advantages of a healthy, glowing skin and look attractive too. What do you say girls? Try it out for yourself, and see the difference!